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Human Resource Forms

Simple solutions to your complex problems — like discipline, plus ALL the best of your basic personnel forms such as W-4’s, I-9’s, employment applications, and much more!

Student Corrective Discipline

Recognize, record, and track student disciplinary actions. This form enables your immediate response to student problems. Best of all, when students see this form, they KNOW you’re serious!

Contractor Forms

15 of the most essential business forms specifically designed for you — the Contractor. Enhance your professional image and build a better bottom line with these ultra-efficient forms!


Edward Rigsby

Employee behavior recognition needs to be immediate, clear, and progressive. That’s why I recommend the Corrective Discipline form system by Hunt Henion Business Forms.

Edward RigsbyEmployee Motivational Consultant
Jim Kurski

When employees see these forms, with step four clearly ending in termination, they KNOW we’re serious about enforcement of our policies. They usually straighten out right there!

Jim KurskiGolden Corral Restaurant
Gina Perez

We started using the Corrective Discipline form system by Hunt Henion Business Forms in the early 90’s. To get our new HR people off to a good start, we’ll give them samples of these forms during their policy enforcement orientation.

Gina PerezLeHigh Hanson Corporation
Jimmy D. Hensley

It’s a great system for correcting employee behavior and performance, and cheap insurance against wrongful termination suits!

Jimmy D. HensleyServiceMaster Corporation