About The Owner

Hunt Henion has been creating unique and essential form systems to help facilitate the best intentions of business owners since 1991.

The business began after our founder, Hunt Henion, consulted with a hospital administer on the need to design a four step Corrective Discipline form that would enable a policy of progressive consequences for subsequent violations that their HR consultants recommended. The result was our acclaimed form that still comprises the vast majority of our sales today.

Our Skills

Human Resource Forms
Contractor Forms
Educator Forms
Custom Form Development

Our History

In the early days, we created a couple positive recognition forms to complement our discipline form system and changed our name to STAR (Specialized Tracking And Recognition) Business Forms. We only recently returned to our roots by restoring our original company name – by popular demand.

Over the years, various industry leaders had us design similar four or five step progressive forms. This led to a couple of forms that were so popular that we still carry them as stock forms today: The “Student Corrective Discipline” form, and the “Change Notice” for contractors that accommodates four changes all on one form!

We’ve added the best and most essential contractor and human resource forms to our offerings over the years, but have remained small, so we can continue to give you the personal attention that you deserve.